Welcome to an Avrae-powered 5th Age campaign “West marches” style game for D&D 5th Edition (a premium campaign of the Cloud9 tabletop community).

There is a kingdom ruled by a powerful ruler, one that is aloof, cruel and unforgiving, a powerful spellcaster on his own right, but also a man of finesse and excellent taste, sophisticated and battle hardened. This ruler protects his faithful subjects who have sworn their allegiance to his rule, and care little about the lives of those that oppose his rule. He has ruled for thousands of years, and has strong allies, and his kingdom has endured for many centuries, even across events such as the Spellplague and the disturbances of the Weave that have made his kingdom less remote than it used to be.

He also has powerful enemies, among them some that do not recognize his right to his kingdom, and plot in the shadows to take it away from him, and erase all that he has worked for across a few millennia.

Among this ruler’s allies are those that travel freely through the mists, and do the bidding of their Lord wherever they go. They call him Master with reverence, but consider themselves free, and are free to come and go from his Kingdom as they please. Their bond is ancient, carved on long forgotten battlefields, and rooted in infernal pacts and rituals. Some in their midst have brazenly chosen a debauched and vicious life style, others struggle with moral choices.

Some may know them by the name of their clan’s lineage, the vistani, but for most of the outsiders, they are those that disappear in the mists, the mistwalkers.

If you are interested by playing a vistani tiefling with us, check our Character Building guidelines.

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